Session 1 (Monday, October 19 2020)
Room Paper ID Title Presenter
A-1 1570665731 Forensic Malware Identification Using Naive Bayes Method Beno Ramadhan
1570669309 The Exploration of Indigenous Knowledge Representation for Local Medicine Lenny Putri Yulianti
1570672716 The Impact of Information Technology on Business Model Changes in Print Mass Media Industry: Case Study of Surat Kabar Republika Dea Wemona Rahma
1570675654 The role of Mobile Skillfulness and User Innovation toward Electronic Wallet Acceptance in the Digital Transformation Era Bui Thanh Khoa
1570676141 Digital Transformation of Indonesia Banking Institution: Case Study of PT. BRI Syariah Punto Widharto
1570676262 The Role of Information Technology Leadership in Information Technology Role Transition from Support to Strategic: Case Study of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space Sampurna Alam
1570662674 Implementation of Naive Bayes Algorithm on IoT-Based Smart Laundry Mobile Application System Ramadhan Akbar
1570665848 Multiple Laboratory Authentication System Design Using Fingerprints Sensor and Keypad Based on Microcontroller Mohammad Hafiz Hersyah
1570676263 Edge Computing for Internet of Things Based on FPGA Rian Ferdian
1570675841 eLearning Platform for Adult Learner based on Mobile Instant Messaging for Collaborative Learning Annisaa Nurhayati
B-1 1570668929 The Function of PMO for Successful Program- Project Management in The Bank Company - A Case Study Rika Rizki Yana
1570669147 Improving of Conditional Automatic Cover (CAC) Business Model Acceptance Services: Case Study of PT JAS George Michael Samuel Hartono
1570675979 Sales Prediction Analysis in Determining New Minimarket Stores Timothy Orvin Edwardo
1570676164 The Roles of IT to Help An Organization Facing the Future: Case Study of the Television of the Republic of Indonesia Herry Azhari Rangkuti
1570676281 Maturity Assessment of Cyber Security in The Workforce Management Domain: A Case Study in Bank Indonesia Adyan Pamungkas Ganefi Putra
1570676291 An Empirical Study: Computer-Mediated Communication and Collaboration among Government Employees during Flexible Working Arrangements Emyana Ruth Eritha Sirait
1570658897 Web Development Using WISDM and RAD Ida Nurhaida
1570669329 High Availability Storage Server with Kubernetes Ali Akbar Khatami
C-1 1570657899 Implementation of YOLO and Smoke Sensor for Automating Public Service Announcement of Cigarette's Hazard in Public Facilities Lathifah Arief
1570657872 IoT-Based Smart Band For Tracking Position And Monitoring Conditions Of Children Lathifah Arief
1570658903 Tuberculosis Ontology Generation and Enrichment Based Text Mining Vina Ayumi
1570659762 Classification Cherry's Coffee using k-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Sri Anita
1570664198 Concept Of Gamification In Adaptation Of Snake Ladder Online Representation Education Covid-19 Hani Dewi Ariessanti
1570670127 Analysis of ICT Implementation and Learning Model for Air Traffic Controller Surveillance Training Dian Anggraini Purwaningtyas
1570675981 Technical Training for Self-Efficacy Improvement of SIARIP Users at the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia Lufi Herawan
1570676078 Semi-Ensemble Learning using Neural Network for Classifying Traffic Condition Surya Michrandi Nasution
1570676252 Implementation of the Advanced Traffic Management System using k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm Muchammad Arfan Lusiandro
1570678937 Stock Trading Alert with Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Systems and Technical Analysis Mahfudh Ahmad

Session 2 (Thursday, October 22 2020)
Room Paper ID Title Presenter
A-2 1570655872 Defining Trust in Computation Dany Eka Saputra
1570656086 Searching for Malware Dataset: a Systematic Literature Review Luqman Muhammad Zagi
1570670363 Design of Cow Cattle Weighing System Technology and Automatic Giving Feed Dodon Yendri
1570675716 Customer Satisfaction and Willingness to Pay On-Demand Entertainment Streaming Service: The Role of Service Quality and Perceived Values Fatimah Azzahro
1570662341 Design Of IoT-Based Smart Laundry Applications Using Fuzzy Algorithms Baqiatus saleha
1570662342 Design of Laundry Box as Supporting Smart Laundry System Based on Internet of Things Event Muhammad Rizki
1570670372 Design of Raspberry Pi Web-based Energy Monitoring System for Residential Electricity Consumption Syafii
1570676104 Time-Slotted LoRaWAN Implementation of GPS Tracker System for Post-Disaster Utilization Albertus Anugerah Pekerti
1570679181 Machine Instruction Analysis for DCT Algorithm using DLX Architecture Nyoman Bogi Aditya Karna
B-2 1570654858 Mitigating Risk of IoT Sensing Data Error Using Platform as a Data Handler Muhamad Diaz Ramdani
1570661712 Design of a service computing system platform for monitoring plant nutrient deficiencies based on the SCSE framework Heri Andrianto
1570655189 Web-Based Mapping Of Electric Customer Distribution Of Pln Sub-District Sawahlunto Fajril Akbar
1570657158 Fraud Detection at Self Checkout Retail using Data Mining Hafid Yoza Putra
1570657879 Classification of Air Pollution Levels using Artificial Neural Network Faqih Hamami
1570669365 Optimization of characteristics using Artificial Neural Network for Classification of Type Lung Cancer Meza Silvana
1570669834 Implementation of Business Intelligence for Sales Data Management Using Interactive Dashboard Visualization in XYZ Stores Ricky Akbar
1570676246 Challenges and Recommended Solutions for Change Management in Indonesian E-Commerce Rini Juliana Sipahutar
1570658573 Definitions, Features, and Technologies on Classroom Response Systems: A Systematic Literature Review Yosua Natanael
C-2 1570672092 Jakarta Government Official Portal Acceptance Based On Technology Acceptance Model Cahyono Budy Santoso
1570672660 Implementation of Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients and Dynamic Time Warping Algorithms on Door Physical Security System using Voice Recognition Pattern Desta Yolanda, MT
1570675041 Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Algorithm for Classification of Human Facial Expression in Indonesia Aqil Bayu Jala
1570675541 Study of Data Imbalance and Asynchronous Aggregation Algorithm on Federated Learning System Senapati Sang Diwangkara
1570676009 Electrical Household Appliances Control using Voice Command Based on Microcontroller Nefy Puteri Novani
1570675693 Design and Implementation of Object Tracking System Based Mean-Shift with Locust Search Optimization on Raspberry Pi Inkreswari Retno Hardini
1570670392 Design and UI/UX Analysis of Obatoka Mobile-based Application using Task-Centered Design Process Muhammad Daffa Alfaridzi
1570683651 Control Plane and Data Plane Issues in Network Layer Multipathing Mohsin Khalil
1570652809 Job Scheduling in Cloud-Fog Architecture - A systematic literature review Celestino Lopes de Barros

Oral Presentation Rules
  1. Participants are required to fill in the attendance form provided
  2. Participants are expected to be able to attend the presentation session from start to finish
  3. Non-presenter authors are welcome to join in parallel sessions
  4. Papers are presented by at least one of the paper's authors and present the papers in an arranged order
  5. Presentations are given for 10 minutes, followed by a 5-minute question and answer session (1-2 questions)
  6. The presenter is allowed to make a pre-recorded verbal presentation with a maximum duration of 10 minutes and will be played according to the presentation schedule.
    Follow this link to upload presentation video
  7. Participants can ask questions to the presenter directly (on camera) or use the chat feature
  8. As part of the documentation, the presentation was recorded, and a group photo was taken at the end of the session
  9. The certificate will be distributed to presenters and paper authors via email after the presentation session ends, paying attention to the attendance list

Date : Monday, October 19 2020
Venue : Bandung

Time Agenda
08.00 - 09.00 Registration
09.00 - 09.10 Report by General Chair
09.10-09.20 Welcome speech by Dean SEEI ITB
09.20-09.30 Welcome speech by Dean FTI UNAND
09.30-09.40 Opening by Rector ITB
09.40-09.45 Break
09.45-12.00 Keynote Speakers
  1. Prof. Eko Kuswardono Budiarjo (University of Indonesia)
  2. Prof. Suhardi (Bandung Institute of Technology)
  3. Prof. Tomoya Kitani, Ph.D (Shizouka University)
  4. Prof. Robin Doss (Deakin University)
12.00 – 13.00 Break
13.00 – 16.00 Parallel Session

Date : Thursday, October 22 2020
Venue : Padang

Time Agenda
08.00 - 09.00 Registration
09.00 - 12.00 Parallel Session