Information Technology, to which Internet belongs, has changed civilization toward the cyber era. In the cyber era, the way people work, learn, play and interact with others has changed significantly. Human life is almost always influenced by information technology systems and innovation. So that information technology systems and innovation become more and moreimportant in the human life.

Information technology systems are used in almost all sectors: business, government, education, entertainment, social and politics. Information technology researches and innovations are unique, because they involve experts from multi-discipline. Results of information technology researches and innovations are achieved through cooperation among multi-disciplines experts. As a consequence, the results of information technology researches and innovations are deep and comprehensive.

The main aim of the international conference is to bring together representatives of academia, industry, business, government and cyber society to present recent advances in the fields of Information technology systems and innovation. Most welcome are high quality papers representing research and innovation in information technology. Prospective authors are invited to submit their original contributions covering completed or ongoing work related to areas of information technology systems and innovation.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to

1. Services Computing

2. Smart Services Systems and Engineering

3. Digital Security, Forensic and Cyber Law

4. Digital Transformation and Innovation

5. IT Governance and Management

6. Internet of Things

7. Miscellaneous


Services Computing

Services Computing has become a cross-discipline that covers the science and technology of bridging the gap between business services and IT services. The underlying technology suite includes Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA), cloud computing, business consulting methodology and utilities, business process modeling, transformation and integration

Smart Services Systems and Engineering

Smart service systems are service systems in which smart products are boundary-objects that integrate resources and activities of the involved actors for mutual benefit. Smart Services Systems and Engineering (smart systems, engineering methodology, method, technique)

Digital Security, Forensic and Cyber Law

Digital Security refers to various ways of protecting computer's internet account and files from intrusion by an outside user. Digital Security is the protection of one’s digital personality, as it represents the physical identity on the network you are operating on or the internet service in use

Digital Transformation and Innovation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

IT Governance and Management

IT Governance (Information Technology Governance) is a process used to monitor and control key information technology capability decisions, to ensure the delivery of value to key stakeholders in an organization.

Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction


The topic covers other area/subjects that are not grouped in the list